Creative Fundraising & Selling


The Business


Build The Crowd promotes products that help organizations increase funding, online sales and engagement.

Social media, e - commerce and crowdfunding make it easier for entrepreneurs and community leaders to grow their brands & messaging.  This provides the perfect opportunity to reach niche markets and engage them as donors or customers. Build The Crowd provides tools that help raise money through online sales and crowdsourcing. 


Tools for Success


BTC Products


The BTC team is always thinking of new ways to solve problems for microbusiness owners, non profit officers and public officials.  In addition to offering our own solutions, we promote events, products and services from other value added providers.  

"There are plenty of tools that can help you be successful - the trick is to understand which ones are useful to you.  "

— Curtis Brown, Jr.

Bring Your Vision To Life


creatio ex nihilo

"Creation out of nothing" is one of the driving forces behind Build The Crowd.  We all have ideas, dreams, and causes that we believe would make our world better. The beauty of our time is that we can build businesses, organizations or movements that make these thoughts a reality.